Accessing SNAP Ocean Object Detection tool results


Hello, hopefully this post is in the right category.

I need to export the Ocean Object Detection tool results. When trying to export as shapefile (Vector -> Export -> Geometry as Shapefile) an error comes up: Could not find attribute ship detections

So far I have been using Windows where an .xml with the results (including lat, lon) is placed in a folder created by SNAP during installation,for example see attached picture

So my question is whether this folder also exists in the Linux installation of SNAP and how I could access it while using RUS virtual machine.

Thank you,
Efi K.


Hi Efi,
The same folder exists on the RUS machines, but it is hidden. The location is /home/rus/.snap/var/log. You can access it by either typing the path to the address bar or by going to the home/rus folder and in View selecting Show Hidden Files.


Hi @Efiliten
As explained in Ship_detection_Trieste_2016_tutorial " data is still not projected to a known projection such as WGS84, the table only contains pixel coordinates of the detections" So open the output geometry file and edit it using a text editor as mentioned here:


Hi @sercouser1,

This one does the trick, thanks for the help.