How we can cite the RUS service in our paper?


Dear Support team,

I used the RUS service for my current research, which I am going to submit its paper. I would like to cite this service in my paper but I don’t know how I should do it?

Could you please guide me to fix it and mention it also in the acknowledgment section? If you have any official sentences to mention in the acknowledgment section and a citation, please let me know.

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Dear Sayyed,

You can use the following text in the acknowledgement section of your paper:
“This work/project has been achieved/carried out using the resources made available by the Copernicus Research User Support (RUS) service ( RUS is a free service which aims at promoting the uptake of Copernicus data by providing cloud-based working environments customised to users’s needs, together with the support of technical and thematic experts as well as dedicated training resources. The service is funded by the European Commission, managed by the European Space Agency, and operated by CS Group and its partners.”

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Thank you so much for your information