Launching Python Spyder in a RUS Virtual Machine


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I am trying to launch Spyder in the RUS environment but after double-clicking on the icon several times nothing happens. Is there another way to run python scripts in the VM?

thank you,


Dear Efiliten,

You can install Spyder in your conda environment by typing: conda install -c anaconda spyder
When I did this, it is installing the latest version (> v4.1.3) which is giving me an error possibly related with Spyder and not with the VM. You can try this command first.

If it doesn’t work, you can install the version v3.6 (it’s running okay in my VM).
To do this:
Go to the link:
Download the Spyder version 3.6 for Linux 64x (.tar.bz2 format)
Go to the link:
Download the spyder-kernel version < 1.0 (.tar.bz2 format)
Write in the terminal: conda install path_to_spyder_file.tar.bz2
After write in the terminal: conda install path_to_spyder-kernel_file.tar.bz2

To open write in the terminal: spyder

I hope it helps you to launch Spyder in your VM.