Sentinel 1 corregistration


I’m having a problem with sentinel 1 tops corregistration. When I perform the corregistration it produces 2 virtual bands (because I choose only vv). So, with the first band ist all ok, but with the slave band no image is set. Nothings appears in the screen. Can any one help me with tis?

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Luis Leitão


If the slave image consists of NoData, the coregistration failed. This can have several reasons

  • the images are of different tracks/orbits.
  • The bursts you selected in the TOPS Split operator do not overlap.
  • not enough GCPs were found.

Can you list the full names of the products and tell us what processing steps you undertook before the TOPS coregistration?


Hi ABraun

These are the two images. They are from the same track.


Is it possible that the problem is caused by the orbit files?
I think that SNAP (in my pc) does not apply the orbit files. I’ve tested to open these two files, after applying the orbit files in SNAP, in PCI Geomática 2018 (trial version) and it says that no orbit files were found.

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there are some problems reported regarding orbit files lately in the SNAP forum as well. Could be a reason, yes.


Is it possible to insert orbit file manualy?


yes, you can download them here ( and place them in this folder
user folder/.snap/auxdata/orbits (there should be already some)