Ship Detection data importing to QGIS issue


I’ trying to import data from ship detection following the RUS tutorial:

I encounter an issue in QGIS corresponding to the Section “5.7.2OPTION 2 –SNAP versions with error” in the tutorial.

I open the modified txt file with the data in QGIS in the dialog “Add limited text layer” but not data appears in Sample Data. (I change there the “invalid projection” to EPSG 4326 - WGS84)

Can somebody help me?

Thank you,


can you please upload the text file in here?


I got a reply from RUS support service, I’m pasting it below in case someone finds the same issue:

The tutorial uses old version of SNAP. In the new version you can simply import the CSV detections file to QGIS. It is saved in the …/

There is no need to edit the XML file as it now contains the latitude and longitude coordinates too.

In QGIS go to Layer à Add Layer à Delimited Text and choose the file. Then in File Format choose Custom delimiters: Tab (only choose the one and deselect others).

Then in Records and Field options set : Number of header lines to discard – 1

It should then look as attached image with the Detected_lon and Detected_lat fields automatically selected as X and Y coordinates.