SNAP - Clean up the SNAP cache folders


When running SNAP intensively, temporary files can take in the end lot of space in your disk. To free some disk space, the cache folders should then be emptied or removed

First, the /home/rus/var/cache folder contains temporary files generated by Sentinel-2 processing.
With SNAP Desktop: open SNAP, go to Tools>Options>S2TBX>Sentinel-2 cache and press “Clean up cache now”. The max time in cache can be set up as well.
In command line: just remove the /home/rus/var/cache folder with the command rmdir –r /home/rus/var/cache folder.

Second, check and delete as well the /tmp/snap-rus folder which contains temporary files generated by the execution of SNAP. This folder shall be removed manually or in command line because the SNAP desktop is not configured to clean it up.