SNAPHU - How to run SNAPHU unwrapping on RUS?


To run the unwrapping in snaphu follow steps bellow:

  1. In SNAP use the Radar -> Interferometric -> Unwrapping -> Snaphu Export tool to export the wrapped interferogram;
  2. Navigate to the folder containing the exported data using File explorer;
  3. Right click the snaphu.conf file and open it with Mousepad;
  4. Copy the command at line 7 (to avoid errors with the number of lines);
  5. In command line, navigate to the folder where your data are stored and run the coppied command;

cd /shared/data/sentinel1/snaphu/S1A_IW_SLC__1SSV_20161016T105004_20161016T105031_013514_0159DC_4744_Orb_Stack_ifg_deb_flt_ML/
snaphu -f snaphu.conf Phase_ifg_IW3_VV_16Oct2016_22Oct2016.snaphu.img 5952

If you receive an error go back to the snaphu.conf and place comment before LOGFILE. Line 28 should then be: # LOGFILE snaphu.log

Keep in mind, that you need the multilooked product (input for Snaphu Export) to import the unwrapped phase back to SNAP. So you could use for example following graph to preprocess your data (input is coregistered stack, the steps can vary based on application):

Import to SNAP
To import the unwrapped phase from SNAPHU processing, go to Radar -> Interferometric -> Unwrapping -> Snaphu Import. In the first Read tab, select the multilooked product, in the second Read tab, navigate to the snaphu folder and import the Unwrapped*.hdr file (not the .img).


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