Urban classfication/Sentinel-2



I am interested to learn about using Sentinel-2 in Urban classification/land-use classification.
I only found [ Crop mapping with Sentinel-2 ] on (https://rus-copernicus.eu/portal/wp-content/uploads/library/education/training/LAND01_CropMapping_Seville_Tutorial.pdf).
What do you think, can I apply the same method on the training for urban classification?
If there is any other training materials, please share it with us.

Please advise.

Thank you
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A RUS tutorial is now available on Urban Classification:

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Dear Carine,

Thank you for sharing training document, but I am interested to use sentinel-2 for landuse classification or Urban classification. My geographic focus is North Africa, and bare soil should be taken into consideration.

Which training material should I use :


Please advise.

I do appreciate if you share any training materials that may be useful in my study.

Thank you
Shaimaa Ahmed


If you have data in both visible region and microwave region, merging both data will provide better result. if you want to use single data sentinel 1 microwave product might will give a better result for urban and bare soil differentiation based on your study area