VM: logout, reboot, ssh?


Dear all,

I have just started using RUS, tried to install docker and have some technical questions

  1. How can I logout of the vm and login again in order to refresh environment variables for e. g. docker?
  2. Is it possible to restart the vm? (sudo reboot -f fails with ‘Operation not permitted’ notification)
  3. Is it possible to ssh into the vm, if yes: what is the correct hostname/port? I tried the address from the firefox addressbar and port 22 on Putty but it did not work.

I am gratefull for any help!



Logging out from VM is possible via selecting ALt+Ctrl+Shift and in top right you can log out but logging out from VM is different from logging out from you linux ( closing a session). For this in your dashboard you can freeze and unfreeze your VM which restart your VM.
As I know, No you can not but you can SSH to your SSH server from VM.


Hi mzohary,
thank you for the helpfull reply especially for the distinction between logging of from the VM and closing the linux session!

Concerning ssh:
So is it true that it is not possible to access anything within my VM through any protocol (ssh or some REST API service) from outside the VM?
I am just asking because this is actually part of the plans for the Copernicus project we are working on.


Dear @NiklasKeck,

Unfortunately, you can not run docker in your environment as technically your environment is already running inside a container and running docker into docker is not recommended.

Indeed we do not allow access to VMs though any protocol. But as @mzohary said, you can connect from your VM to another SSH server.



Dear @philippeml,

thanks a lot for the helpfull infos!!

Kind regards