Completion of the COPERNICUS RUS project

The RUS service aimed to develop an online free-access platform to promote the uptake of Copernicus data and support the scaling up of educational and R&D activities. In particular, the service provided Copernicus data access, cloud computing resources and access to effective software tools and training services, allowing users to develop their understanding and exploitation capabilities in relation to Copernicus.

The project started in 2017 after the successful launches of the first Sentinel-1, Sentinel-2 and Sentinel-3 units and lasted 4 years, hence providing the very needed support and training resources the society required in this initial period.

RUS served an overall number of 3700 users, providing 68 training courses and 52 webinars, supporting 22 training of trainers sessions, offering 3597 virtual computing resources and managing around 6000 support calls/tickets.

It largely promoted the use of cloud computing services, as well as of virtual training rooms, on-line helpdesk support and webinars, which turned especially appropriate during the period of pandemic. Since October 2020, RUS also relied on the DIAS services, hence complementing such powerful infrastructure with the involvement of skilled experts and hand-by-hand training.

The RUS service concluded its activity on 31 December 2021, having set a path for future uptake activities for Copernicus and other innovative services. However, a large amount of training materials still remains available worldwide through the RUS Copernicus YouTube channel. The success of RUS also led to the development of new commercial services:

  • AI4Geo Engine, dedicated to users needing powerful integrated working environments to carry out individual research projects
  • EOCare, aimed at people seeking technical and human resources to prepare and/or deliver the training sessions they are responsible for, mainly in the field of Earth observation.