This section details acronyms frequently used in the frame of the RUS Service.


  • API
Application Programming Interface
  • BEAM
Basic ERS and Envisat ATSR and Meris Toolbox
  • BEAT
Basic ERS and Envisat Atmospheric Toolbox
  • BEST
Basic Envisat SAR Toolbox
  • BRAT
Basic Radar Altimetry Toolbox
  • CCM
Copernicus Contributing Missions
  • CoEnv
Collaboration Environment
  • ColHub
Collaborative DataHub
  • CopHub
Copernicus DataHub
  • COTS
Commercial Off The Shelf
  • CPU
Computing Processing Unit
  • CSC
Copernicus Space Component
  • CSR
Complementary Support Request
  • DhuS
Data Hub Service
  • EC
European Commission
  • EO
Earth Observation
  • EU
European Union
  • ESA
European Space Agency
  • FOSS
Free and Open Source Software
  • HMI
Human Machine Interface
  • HuEnv
Hub Environment
  • IaaS
Infrastructure as a Service
  • ICT
Information and Communication Technology
  • IPR
Intellectual Property Right
  • MPA
Mission Performance Assessment
  • MPC
Mission Performance Centre
  • NEST
Next ESA SAR Toolbox
  • NRT
Near Real Time
  • NWD
Normal Working Days
  • OLCI
Ocean and Land Color Instrument
  • OS
Operating System
  • OTB
Orfeo ToolBox
  • PaaS
Platform as a Service
  • PDGS
Payload Data Ground Segment
  • RAM
Random-Access Memory
  • RUS
Research and User Support for Sentinel Core Products
  • R&D
Research and Develoment
  • SciHub
Copernicus Open Access Hub (formerly Copernicus Science Data Hub)
Sea and Land Surface Temperature Radiometer
  • SME
Small and Medium Size Enterprise
  • SNAP
Sentinel Applications Platform
  • SRAL
SAR Radar Altimeter
  • SSH
Sea Surface Height
  • SSO
Single Sign On
  • STEP
Science Toolbox Exploitation Platform
  • SWH
Significant Wave Height
  • ToT
Training of Trainers
  • UsEnv
User Environment
  • USR
User Support Request
  • VM
Virtual Machine