RUS Remote Training Session – Monitoring the Gulf Stream from Space, with Sentinel-3 data – Tuesday 30 November 2021

RUS-Copernicus is organizing a remote hands-on training session, aimed at a beginner audience, focusing on the processing of Sentinel-3 OLCI and SLSTR measurements to monitor the Gulf Stream, using SNAP and Panoply software.  Copernicus, the European ambitious programme of Earth observation, delivers regular and accurate data, free of use, and presenting a great interest to study the Earth surface.   Sentinel-3 in particular, can quantify large-scale surface for both

RUS Remote Training Session – Disasters Management: Assessment of Floods and Burned Areas ǀ Thursday 18 & Friday 19 November 2021

UN-Spider, ESA (European Space Agency) and CEU (Central European University) are organizing a remote training session to introduce students to the use of the RUS-Copernicus Virtual Machine, to generate maps of the geographical extent of burned areas due to forest fires and floods with case-studies from recent events in Europe. RUS-Copernicus exercises: Burned Area Assessment with Sentinel-2 This hands-on exercise will