A Copernicus Hackathon is organised in several cities of Poland aiming at stimulating the generation of new business ideas based on Copernicus data and services.

This event will be divided into three phases:

  • The first one is a an introduction day to the Hackathon which will take place in Lublin on 8 November, in Cracow on 8 November and in Warsaw on 10 November, with a practical workshop and a Design Thinking Creathon
  • The second phase is a mentorship week from 12 to 16 November, during which the teams will have more time to improve their solution and develop it technically
  • The last one is the national final which will take place in Warsaw on 17 November 2018

The RUS service will contribute to this event by providing Virtual Machines to the competitors who would need them , as well as remote technical advice for the use of these working environments.

Copernicus Hackathon – Poland – 8, 9, 10 & 17 Nov . 2018