RUS Copernicus is providing a hands-on practical training course on agriculture monitoring. This 2-day event is organised in partnership with ESA Space Solutions and hosted by ESA BIC Nord France.  

As the world population grows, the demand increases for food, fuel and raw materials provided by agriculture. These growing needs must be satisfied on increasingly smaller area of arable land per capita, while considering environmental sustainability and climate change effects and their mitigation.  The agricultural production needs thus to become more effective, using less resources to grow more.

Remote sensing is an ideal tool to assist the evolution of agricultural practices to face this major challenge, by providing repetitive information on crop status. Many remote sensing sensors are used today for monitoring of crops, from precision farming to large scale food security assessments. 

The first part of the training session will be focusing on the introduction and theory of remote sensing techniques, while the second one will consist in the demonstration and repetition of practical exercises. Three hands-on exercises will be proposed over the training session, each of them followed by a Q&A live session:

  • Exercice 1: Agricultural monitoring with Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2
  • Exercice 2: Vegetation monitoring for Agriculture with Sentinel-2
  • Exercice 3: Rice mapping with Sentinel-1

Participants will access a RUS Virtual Machine from their own laptop to exploit the open-source toolboxes available in the RUS environment (SNAPQGISR) to download and process the data released every day by the satellites of the Copernicus programme.

This event is a closed training session. More information is available on our training website.

RUS Training Session – Agriculture monitoring for ESA BIC Start-ups ǀ 9-10 Sept. 2021