A new hands-on training session focusing on Sentinel data processing and applications is organised in Dublin, Ireland, on 28 and 29 March 2019. During this two-day course, participants will be shown the capabilities offered by the RUS environment, and in particular, how to access a RUS Virtual Machine from their own laptop and how to handle the open source toolboxes available on RUS to download and process Sentinel data.

  • Day 1: the training main topic will be Agriculture with Sentinel-2 optical and Sentinel-1 SAR data fusion for crop monitoring
  • Day 2: the morning session will be dedicated to Ship Detection exploiting the ESA SNAP Sentinel-1 Toolbox, whereas the afternoon one will concentrate on Ocean Color, giving the trainees an opportunity to use the ESA SNAP Sentinel-3 Toolbox to detect and map phytoplankton blooms

The training session detailed programme and the registration process are available on our training site.

RUS Training Session – Dublin – 28 & 29 March 2019