RUS Copernicus is providing a training session on Infrastructure Monitoring using Sentinel-1 data. This 2-day online course is a closed event organized by RUS Copernicus and ESA Space Solutions, and hosted by ESA BIC Portugal.  

Land subsidence and infrastructure monitoring is particularly important for urban areas which are susceptible to ground instabilities for both local and regional scale. The reasons for this phenomenon can be related to either anthropogenic activities or natural-geological ones.

The training will include theory lectures as well as hands-on exercises, where participants will access a Virtual Machine from their own laptop to exploit the open-source toolboxes available in the RUS environment to download and process the data released every day by the satellites of the Copernicus programme.

  • Exercise 1: Surface Deformation Monitoring with Sentinel-1 using SNAP
    After an introduction and a lecture about remote sensing techniques, the first session will show how to identify and map land subsidence over Mexico City using the SAR interferometry (InSAR) technique through the SNAP software.
  • Exercise 2: Data preparation and processing with StaMPS PSI
    In this second session, we will demonstrate the Persistent Scatterer Interferometry (PSI) technique, a powerful approach to measure and monitor displacements of the Earth’s surface over time with high accuracy from interferogram time-series. We will use StaMPS, a powerful package including persistent scatterer methods among others, first by preprocessing the data using SNAP, then by ingesting the preprocessed data into StaMPS to show the methodology for PSI processing.

Both techniques demonstrated during this training are suitable for Infrastructure monitoring. Each session will be followed by a Q&A live session.

For more information and registration, visit our training website.

RUS Training Session – Infrastructure monitoring for ESA BIC Start-ups – 8-9 Nov. 2021