RUS Copernicus is holding a remote hands-on training session over two half-days, where participants will access a Virtual Machine to exploit the open-source toolboxes available in the RUS environment, to download and process Sentinel-5P data, from their own laptop. 

Sentinel-5P was launched in October 2017 to screen the Earth’s atmosphere and quantify different pollutants with a great accuracy and spatial resolution. This mission belongs to the Copernicus European Earth Observation Programme coordinated and managed by the European Commission. The data acquired and recorded are free of use and highly relevant to globally monitor air quality, greenhouse gas emissions and detect and assess the impact of polluting events.

During this session, we will focus on processing Sentinel-5P data to follow nitrogen dioxide (NO2) concentration in the troposphere (which is the lower part of the atmosphere), using Python in the Jupyter notebook environment and the specifically designed Atmospheric Toolbox.

  • The first part on 22 September 2021 will focus on the Sentinel-5P mission and associated products. Basic python exercises in the Jupyter notebook environment demonstrating the Sentinel-5P product download, exploration and plot will follow. 
  • During the second part on 23 September 2021, more advanced applications of the Sentinel-5P NO2 products will be introduced, including computing and mapping the averaged NO2 concentration. This will allow to quantify the NO2 pollution drop over Europe during spring 2020 after the COVID lockdown.

Each part of the session is scheduled from 9:00 to 12:30 CEST. Attendance is free but requires preliminary registration.

For more information and registration, visit our training website.

RUS Training Session – Monitoring tropospheric NO2 concentration with Sentinel-5P – 22-23 Sept. 2021