Due to the uncertainties related to the coronavirus situation, the International Conference on Air Quality 2020 has been cancelled. The event organizers and the RUS training team are currently working to offer an online format for the RUS training session presented hereafter. More information about this session and its date should be available soon.

On the occasion of the International Conference on Air Quality 2020 due between 9 and 13 March in Thessaloniki, Greece, RUS Copernicus will provide a half-day hands-on training session on Tuesday 10 March.

Launched in october 2017 to screen the Earth’s atmosphere, Sentinel-5P provides measurement continuity of different pollutants. The free data supplied presents great interest to globally monitor air quality and gas emissions, detect and assess the impact of polluting events.

The training will focus on using the BEAT Open Toolbox to process Sentinel-5P data for different trace gas and aerosol in the atmosphere. Attendees will also gain knowledge on Sentinel-5P products and use the data to create world maps of the pollution. They will follow polluting events (such as rain-forest fires, pipeline emissions) with the daily measurement and global coverage of Sentinel-5P. Eventually special focus will be given on quantifying the pollution in a city during distinct periods of the year.

Participants will access a Virtual Machine from their own laptop, to exploit the open-source toolboxes available in the RUS environment and download and process Sentinel-5P data.

For more information and for application, visit our training website.

RUS Training Session – Thessaloniki – Postponed