In 2012, according to the World Health Organization, 3.7 million people around the world died as a result of outdoor air pollution, as it is a major environmental health problem affecting people in developed and developing countries alike. With millions of people dying prematurely every year due to poor air quality, it is more important than ever to monitor the air we breathe.

Governments and decision-makers rely heavily on satellite data and computer models to show how pollution accumulates and how it is carried in the air in order to develop appropriate mitigation strategies. Sentinel-5P provides timely data on a multitude of trace gases (CO, NO22, SO22, O33, aerosols…) with a great accuracy and spatial resolution and also measurement continuity with precedent and ongoing atmospheric spatial missions (OMI, IASI and SCHIAMACHY).

This webinar will introduce you to Sentinel-5P data. You will learn how to process these data using the BEAT software and we will demonstrate how they can be used to monitor air quality at regional and global scale with basic analysis.

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RUS Webinar – Air Quality Monitoring with Sentinel-5P – 27 June 2019