The RUS Service can be contacted by non-registered users via our Contact Form to request additional information on the different services RUS can provide.

A registered user can contact the Expert support teams via the dashboard for enquiries related to an open service, either by sending a Complementary Support Request or via the RUS chat.

The type of provided support will depend on the level of service offered for a given project:

Basic support service (Level A)

  • Provide Virtual Machines with requested software tools
  • Provide access to Sentinel Core products
  • Make data available on virtual computing environments
  • Supply general advice regarding usage and characteristics of Sentinel core products

Development support service (Level B)

  • Provide virtual computing environments to facilitate algorithm development and processing tests
  • Support for algorithm/early prototyping tests, non-regression and performance improvement

Processing support services (Level C)

  • Provide access to a virtual computing environment enabling processing of large datasets
  • Support user algorithm validation and testing
  • As needed, schedule processing tasks on behalf of the user

More information can be found in the Getting started section.