A key pillar of the RUS service is the provision of free training aiming to bridge knowledge gaps which may limit the use of Copernicus data.

The RUS training offer includes:

  • Face-to-face sessions which focus on remote sensing applications and are dedicated to different user categories, from beginners to trainers.These events are generally split in a theory part and a hands-on one, the latter being carried out within the RUS working environment each attendee is delivered at the beginning of the session.
    The number of such events is limited to a few each year, collocated as far as possible with large Earth observation events to facilitate user attendance.
    You can check at any time the list of forthcoming face-to-face sessions.


  • Webinars aiming to demonstrate in a concrete way how the RUS working environment can help you to process data and derive results. Their typical duration is 90 minutes.
    Upcoming webinars are generally advertised a few weeks in advance to allow registration. However, if you miss one of them, you can re-play it on the RUS Copernicus Training channel available on YouTube or consult the synthesis of questions and answers discussed at the event time in the section Training past events.
    You can also repeat step by step the exercise corresponding to each webinar in a RUS working environment using the tutorial available in our Training Library.


  • E-learning material, gathering videos which present the theory behind remote sensing and applications explained by our face-to-face lecturers. These videos are made available together with questions to test your understanding.To try them out, browse the section E-learning of the RUS Training Web site!

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