The RUS Service has been developed and is operated on behalf of EC and ESA by a consortium led by CS Group (Fr) and involving Along-Track (Fr), Noveltis (Fr), Serco SpA (It), and CS Romania (Ro).

CS Group

For more than 35 years, CS Group and its Space Business Unit have been successfully delivering turnkey systems and providing engineering services for space and its applications markets. With a workforce of 300 engineers gathering advanced and unique skills in both information technologies and space data engineering, CS Group is a recognized prime contractor and a major and proven long-term trusted partner for space agencies, satellite operators and space application actors.

CS Group has a recognized expertise in end-to-end image processing and image quality systems in the wide field of Earth observation. Its ambitious R&D policy is focused on customers’ major goals regarding instruments, algorithms, technologies and operational aspects. By combining its skills in these various areas of excellence, CS Group is able to meet its customers’ challenges, which include geospatial intelligence and environmental data management also based on Geographical Information Systems (GIS).

In the frame of RUS, CS Group acts as:

  • Prime contractor, ensuring the coordination of all the activities between ESA and the consortium as well as within the latter;
  • Service Manager, being therefore responsible for the coordination of the technical tasks requested to run the service smoothly;
  • ICT Manager, ensuring the management of all the ICT resources deployed to satisfy the RUS users;
  • Sentinel-2 Support Service Manager, providing support about data, algorithm development, prototyping and data processing in relation with the Sentinel-2 mission.

CS Group will also contribute to training and outreach activities by providing support and technical expertise related to Sentinel-2.


Along-Track is a young research oriented SME in the field of Earth observation and remote sensing. It performs internal as well as external R&D studies and develops prototypes in the field of remote sensing with a specific target on space hydrology and sea-ice.

Along-Track is working on potential technical breakthroughs in the objective of boosting the use of satellite data into environmental protection, humanitarian and security oriented applications and services. The company assists the space agencies and their contractors on signal processing issues, thematic oriented algorithms and the cross-validation of high level products derived from multiple missions as well as the synergistic use of different sensors in orbit. This is particularly true for the Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-3 series.

Along-Track is mainly focused on two applications of remote sensing: sea-ice monitoring from space with the measurement of sea-ice thickness, and space hydrology where the first goal is to improve the spatial resolution to address smaller and smaller water bodies.

In the frame of RUS, Along-Track will provide support services for Sentinel-1, including:

  • Basic support for an efficient use of Sentinel-1 data and other missions data in the fields of altimetry, hydrology and sea ice, and more particularly a synergistic use with Sentinel-3 data;
  • Development support for Sentinel-1 algorithm and prototype development in the fields of altimetry, hydrology and sea ice;
  • Processing support for the processing of large amounts of Sentinel-1 data in the same fields.

Along-Track will also contribute to training activities by providing support and technical expertise related to Sentinel-1 data, use cases and applications.


Noveltis, a French independent private company created in 1998, performs innovative scientific engineering studies and implements customized end-user solutions in the fields of space, the environment and sustainable development.

Our scientists develop high-tech solutions that involve top-level skills in environmental and physical sciences, in domains covering the atmosphere, land surfaces and oceans. Our staff is expert in modelling, simulations, processing of observation data and measurements, information systems, impact assessments, decision support systems…

Noveltis focuses its activities on innovation, in close relationship with international research laboratories. The company supplies end-to-end services to governmental bodies and industries. Noveltis is also coordinator or partner in large-scale European and international projects.

In the frame of RUS, Noveltis acts as Sentinel-3 and Sentinel-5p Support Service Manager, providing support about data, algorithm and prototype development or data processing in relation with the Sentinel-3 and Sentinel-5p missions. Noveltis will become as well Support Service Manager for the upcoming Sentinel-4 and Sentinel-5 missions once the latter are available.

Noveltis will also contribute to training and outreach activities by providing specific training and technical expertise related to Sentinel-3 and Sentinel- 5p.


Serco Group plc is a worldwide company specialised in the management and operation of outsourced services for the public and private sectors. Since its formation, Serco has consistently supported the space activities of national and international agencies, including ESA since early 1970’s and Eumetsat since 1995. With more than 37 years of experience in the space business, Serco is among the top 50 World Space Manufacturing and Service companies.

In the frame of RUS, Serco acts as:

  • User Training Leader: providing a structured approach targeted to specific communities and offering face-to-face and online training courses using RUS Virtual Machines;
  • Outreach and Promotion Responsible: preparing and disseminating material, attending major EO events and conferences aimed at increasing awareness of Sentinels data and their usage, capturing new Copernicus users and developing the capabilities of existing users;
  • Sentinel-1 Land Support Service Manager: providing dedicated support to users in order to accommodate as much as possible their requests to enable the integration of Sentinel-1 algorithms and tools in the RUS environment;
  • User Data Access Facilitator: supporting fast and efficient user access to the Sentinels data products through the exploitation of internal synergies with the DHuS archive services.

CS Romania

CS Romania, member of CS Group, is a provider of software development and maintenance services based on customer requirements and outsourcing services in all the three geographical modalities: offshore, near-shore and inshore, with its engineers being at the forefront of technological innovation. The services address primarily 4 industries: Aeronautics, Space, Intelligent Transportation and Energy.

With strong references from major players working in these fields, CS Romania is strongly involved in software development projects such as flight display systems, digital engine control, cartography, flight warning systems, flight data processing and flight dynamics… and implements high standards in developing, testing and maintaining software applications and information systems.

In the frame of RUS, CS Romania mainly focuses its contribution on the setting up and the implementation of the RUS portal enabling the users to access and manage the different components of the offered service.